Shark day at Flüela Pass

I found this blog with a bunch of tips on mountains to hit during the early-early season. Since I hadn’t been to Davos yet, I set the alarm for 0600, woke up 45 minutes later and was on my way.

The Flüela Pass is a mountain road which usually closes before Christmas. It’s not of any practical use anyway, after a new tunnel was built in 1999. For splitboarders, it’s really too bad. The Flüela valley offers tons and tons of wicked-looking descents – feels a bit like the Duffey Lake road above Pemberton, B.C. Only with more stuff in it.

In any case, I drove through it and couldn’t resist parking by an existing skin track to make my day easy. The goal was the Schwarzhorn (3146), but I didn’t really plan on sumitting. I’m simply not in the best of shapes yet, and the high altitude is really noticeable. So, I simply followed the skin track up from the road, and entered this valley with a whole range of options – later in the season. Unfortunately, there was simply not enough snow yet. This was going to be a very sharky day, and my board wasn’t going to like it one bit.

The skintrack I followed went through the valley on the SW side of the Schwarzhorn, and then up almost directly S of the peak, in a little col between the Schwarzhorn and the Schroarzhornfugga (rolls of your tongue). I decided to head left and explore the south face of the Schroarzhornfugga, but the top was just way to rocky. I had to transition to snowboarding mode on a little platform well beneath the peak.

The terrain in the valley is made for snowboarding, though. Lots and lots of microterrain and stuff to have fun on. Give this place one or two more dumps and will be heaven. In the meantime, I need to find a place to get my banged-up splitboard some TLC.

Looking east at Engadin valley

Here’s a little video from the past 2 days. You can watch in HD here:

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