I love treeruns. Snowboarding through trees is like playing a video game at 3 times the normal speed, and the easiest way to get into that “flow” state, at least for me. Also on days with a lot of weather, there is relative safety in staying below the treeline where slab avalanches are less likely to start.

Moving to Switzerland, I had no idea if I would find good treeruns here – when I think of Switzerland I imagine tall peaks in beautiful weather, not treeruns in a snowstorm.

Turns out, there was nothing to worry about. Theres lots of trees here.  Some of the stuff is almost as good as the runs we found in B.C. last year, although not quite as fun as Hodlekve back in Sogndal, Norway.

Anyways, here are some clips from my GoPro filmed in Oberwald, Ticino and Grande Montets (which is technically France, but who cares):

 See it in HD here

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