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Snowday #1 – Hintertux

I decided to drive to Hintertux to finally get some snow under the board. I drove in friday night from Zurich and camped at the parking lot. I was amazed at how mild it was, but the wind was picking up to a solid howl and at midnight my car was rocking in the wind. By saturday morning, the temperatures had dropped, and the whole village was white with fresh snow.

Up top, there was a bout 30cm of really light fresh snow. Too bad with the visibility, I was basically snowboarding blindly. And got a constant reminder of how much I suck at snowboarding in bumpy conditions. Anyways, it was a start…


The top 200 meters of the resort had a bit more visibility, but not much.SAM_0157

I stopped further down the Zillertal valley to snap a few shots. Snowline is definetely creeping downwards…