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Back in Norway

I have no idea what’s going on with my life at the moment. After looking for work in Switzerland for the past 3 months, I reluctantly had to sell my car, do a few last splitboarding stints and hop on a plane back home (a flight my father had to finance 😐 ).

This winter in Norway is as weird as the rest of the world, it seems. Weather from southeast instead of west. My usual favorite snowboarding spots are pretty much useless, unless you’re into ice climbing.  However, eastern Norway has truckloads of snow. Which is why I decided to head to my old stomping grounds – Hemsedal – for the weekend. And it was good. During 2 days we managed to squeeze in 3 runs I’ve never done before, 2 of which are not usually ridden at all. Great to be able to find new stuff in an area I’ve been riding for the last 10 years.

As for work, I have no idea. I might stay in Norway, or I might head out somewhere else.

HD version here

Jeg gjør ting jeg ikke kan: Kitesurfing!

Jeg har ikke peiling pü hvordan man skal oppføre seg i vann, langt mindre hvordan man kitesurfer. Christian gav meg en vüdrakt, en tubekite, og en tommel som pekte opp.


Det gikk sünn passe. Skal prøves igjen. Men Rogaland pü en sommerdag i juni anbefales varmt, enten man er i vannet (kaldt) eller pü land (fint)!


Christian søker dekning…



Undertegnede i våtdrakt, 2 flytevester og generelt pustebesvær…